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The owners of Vital Vibes have many years of previous experience in the telecommunications industry and are in private practice as licensed massage therapists. They have decades of personal experience and years of professional certifications in various therapeutic modalities especially energy based therapies.

Having realized they had been living for three years in a very high electrical field, sleeping over dangerous geopathic stress, and living close to a cell phone tower, they searched for answers to their illnesses and housing and environmental dilemma. They purchased, used and returned many different products claiming to correct their problems.

One type of product was far superior to all the others because its approach and science was different. They installed the products, their environment was transformed. Their health returned. To better understand how the products work and how to actually test for detrimental energy fields, especially the ones that exist and can’t be detected with a Gauss meter, they received this specialized education in testing, locating, correcting these dangerous fields of energy.

Vital Vibes’ wants to help those who may find themselves in similar situations in this ever increasing age of technology, electromagnetic and cellular radiation challenges.

Vital Vibes
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vital vibes is most enthusiastic about helping people overcome their environmental problems. they actively work on-site to test for and correct detrimental energies. they’ve also participated in research projects involving large geographic areas and enj