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Appliance & Wireless Device Patch

Appliance & Wireless Device Patch

Neutralizes the toxic effect from low frequency EMFs.

Set of 3 for $19.95

This square patch, 5/8” in diameter, neutralizes the toxic effect from low frequency EMFs on large and small appliances. Placing the patch near the source of power next to the entrance of the electric cord on any electric appliance, entertainment technologies or office equipment will stop interfering radiation immediately and protect you against the draining influence of toxic EMFs. This is also an ideal solution for any electric outlet or surge suppressors. The toxic effect of any electric appliances that use the outlet as a source of power will be neutralized. Ideal for use on:

Wireless electronics that are powered by radio frequency such as wireless computers and network devices, all wireless “toys”, PDAs, Walkmans, IPods, portable CD players and wireless accessories, receivers for satellite dishes, telephones.

Household devices and appliances (e.g., refrigerators, stoves, irons), microwave ovens, toaster ovens, toasters, electric blankets, waterbeds, radio controlled clocks, electric razors, hair dryers, surge protectors, electric outlets, electric work tools.

Office equipment, copiers, printers, faxes, digital equipment, computer monitors, CPUs, notebooks, fluorescent lighting, halogen lights.

Communications and entertainment, television, radios, stereos, alarm clocks especially with red display, headphones, wrist watches, answering machines, pages, two-way radios, video/dvd recorders.

*Due to higher frequencies cell phone users are advised to use the Cell Phone Protector.

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