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ELECTRIC & WATER Line Energy Strip Protector

ELECTRIC & WATER Line Energy Strip Protector

Neutralize toxic energy fields radiating from electrical and water lines.


The Energy Strip is designed to neutralize toxic energy fields radiating from electricity and water. The strip is permanently imprinted with a vibrational program that radiates a harmonious flow of life enhancing energies. Once the electricity or water has been treated a coherent, polarized energy field that supports a calm and healthy space will continuously radiate into the environment.

Electric Lines
The Energy Strip should ideally be placed on the power line pipe going into the main fuse box to affect the power or source of the EMF radiation. It can be used on pipes or boxes with telephone wires.

Water Lines
The Energy Strip is for all types of water lines. It is effective on galvanized, copper or plastic water pipes. If you can’t access the main water line, the strip can be applied on the hot and cold line individually. One strip can be used on the main water line. If you can only find the cold and hot water lines place one strip on each line.

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