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Home, Office & Business Protection Device

Home, Office & Business Protection Device

for HOUSES, OFFICES and Large Commercial Buildings Including; SCHOOLS, HOSPITALS, APARTMENTS, MOTELS $119.95

Feature Bullets:
device clears a spherical area with a 1000’ radius

Harmful earth and man-made radiations can cause serious biological damage. Detrimental energies from electromagnetic fields emitted from high tension wires, industrial radar, microwave beams, electric current, computers, cell phones, televisions, fluorescent lights and other electrical appliances have been found to be potentially dangerous to physical and mental health. Noxious earth radiations from underground electric currents, known as geopathic zones of disturbance, can also be harmful to health. These noxious radiations can weaken plant and animal as well as human organisms.

The home device clears a spherical area with a 1000’ radius. It will begin to work as soon as it is placed in position. When clearing large areas, the device should be placed somewhere within the center of the area to be addressed. Under normal conditions one unit will clear an entire house.

The holographic grid of the home device is created out of a metalized plastic material that serves as the receptacle and conduit for a range of permanently imprinted vibrational frequencies. This encoded grid is designed to interact with the environment to clear, reenergize and balance the entire area.

This technology works at the quantum subatomic level creating a coherent field in the environment in which it is placed. The holographic grid of the home device emits light waves which neutralize the toxic effect of electromagnetic radiation. The home device synergistically forms a protective shield around the area it is influencing and realigns environmental fields quickly, effectively and permanently as long as it is kept in the space it is addressing.

The home device also has purifying affect on the atmospheric molecules in the entire area. Users often report a tangible change in the atmosphere or air quality of their environments. The home device is self energized. The holographic grid is permanently programmed imprinted and it cannot be weakened, altered or neutralized.

Depending on the level of toxicity in the space the time to clear the entire area can vary. On the average, from the initial installation a large room will clear in hours (motels, lecture halls), a house can take one to two days to clear the entire residence. An office space or small office building can take one to several days. The more complex (toxic) the area the more time required. It is advisable to start the clearing process early in the day for home environments. The unit must be kept in the space that it is clearing permanently. If it is removed from the area it is influencing, the electro-magnetic field of that area can return to its original incoherent state. The device is enhanced by daylight and should be stored in an area with some light.

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