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Vitaplex Pendant

Vitaplex Pendant


The Vitaplex pendant is worn on the body to establish a field of energy that harmonizes, balances, strengthens and energizes the cells, tissues and organs of the body. Through its influence on the human energy field the Vitaplex supports the body’s ability to purify, rebalance and regenerate.

The primary feature of the Vitaplex is its unique interaction with the particular energy field of each individual. Unlike other pendants, magnets or gems the Vitaplex continually changes its broadcasting to the energy field of an individual as his or her condition changes on a daily basis. For example, sometimes it is most important to reduce the stress in our lives in order to heal. At other times chemical imbalances, toxic exposure, or dietary indiscretions might be the primary block to our daily health. The Vitaplex cycles in harmony with the changing conditions of the bodymind as they occur.

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